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A Rubber Keypad With Abrasion-Proof Coating


  • It can have key click feeling .
  • Since making up plural buttons on one rubber sheet, it can reduce assemble process and
    rationalize assemble operation .
  • Make the key top arbitrary 3D shape considering with operability.
  • It can decollate characters and icons on the key top by Printing, painting and laser etching.
    It is superior in terms of abrasion-proof of key top.
  • Coated key top surface is smooth to touch.
  • It can have a carbon ink on the rubber actuators to have electrical contact function.

Example of Structure

・Key top: Silicone Rubber
・Painting Surface Finish: Urethane  Paint
・Rubber actuator: Low resistance  carbon actuator

Product Specification

Paint Surface Finish Mat Tone Paint
Durability Eraser Abrasion Test (Polymath Method) Force 4.9N: No rubbing off characters by
1,000 times back and force (Sand Eraser)
Force 4.9N: No rubbing off characters by
5,000 times back and force (Jeans Cloth)
Silicone Rubber Hardness Hs=40A~60A
a, Leave it under High Temperature: 85degree / 120hr No changes of appearances /
b, Leave it under Low Temperature: 40degree / 120hr
c, Leave it under High Humidity & Temperature:
40degree / 95% Rh / 120hr
d, Heat Cycle Test (See Diagram below)
Ethanol / Glass Cleanser/ Hand Cream / Artificial Liquid Fingerprint / Kerosene / Olive Oil
Doing abrasion tests with cotton cloth
soaks these chemicals .
Force 4.9N: No changes of appearances / characteristics after 50 times back and force .

*Heat Cycle Test

*Please feel free to ask us about liability test items and results.

Development Flow

Upon receipt of your design information, we suggest the most optimized product and tooling design by following the development flow to achieve stable production. Contact Polymatech today for your complete application solutions.

We review the design based on our key pad design standard

 We find defects and low yield ratio process through prototype event, and prepare for mass production through improve activities and test run.

We welcome your any comments to our products and design engineering.
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