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  • Low creep and high physical performance silicone material
  • Excellent in waterproof, dustproof and shock absorption
  • Wide range of rubber durometer is available (JIS A10~60)
  • Insert molding available with commodity type resin, engineering plastic and metal
  • Excellent in bonding strength with resin and metal , material break failure (JIS K 6854-2)
  • Help in your assembly process as it is overmolding parts
  • Smooth coating or treatment on rubber surface is available

Material Example

High Tearing Resistance and Low Friction Silicone Rubber
Physical Propert FFR-49630 FFR-49640 FFR-49650 FFR-49660
Hardness JIS TYPE A30 A40 A50 A60
Splitting Tensile Strength MPa 4.44 7.49 8.54 7.33
Elongation 9.60 972 782 536
Tensile Stress (100%) MPa 0.99 1.35 1.58 1.82
Tearing strength N/mm 24.0 34.1 41.2 32.5
Compression Set 70℃×22h×25% 7 6  5  5
Coefficient of friction* 0.70 0.46 0.57 0.70

*Measured with PC board

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