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In comparison to the conventional thermal conductive sheets, thermal conductive grease can be applied with much thinner layer, and can achieve very low thermal resistance.
It also has excellent workability, and it tolerates well with dispensing and coating on the substrate.
Moreover, problems caused by low-molecular-siloxane, these are silicone-free thus contact failure free, unlike those conventional silicone materials.
MK-44(phase-change grease) coating is performed by printing to form a solid sheet that does not become sticky at room temperature when the solvent is votalilized. This sheet softens when exposed to heat to ensure close adhesion to heat sources such as IC chips, realizing an impressive reduction in thermal resistance.

Specific Characteristics

  GA200 GA204 GA401 GA690 MK-44
Base Oil - Ester oil Ester oil Ester oil Ester oil Hydrocarbon Resin
Viscosity Pa・s 170 110 350 300 50~150
Thermal Resistance ℃/W 0.17 0.14 0.13 0.13 0.13
Thermal Conductivity W/m・K 2.0 2.4 4.1 4.5 4.5
Solvent - None None None Containing Containing
Operation Temperature -40~150 -40~150 -40~150 -40~150 -40~120
Delivery Format - Syringe, pails Syringe, pails Syringe, pails pails pails

*MK-44 specifications may change without notice being given.
Numeric values in the chart are actual measurement values, but not product specification values.

*Thermal Resistance Measuring Condition
Sample size:10mm×10mm
Heat value:25W

Example of coating with heat release grease

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