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Thermal Management & EMI Solutions

Industry-leading *50W/mk, Thermal Sheet

Polymatech has the leading edge technology on Thermal Sheets. As we see customer devices shrinking in size, the amount of heat generated is increasing. Polymatech’s Thermal Sheets have improved thermal conductivity. We offer a broad line of products from commodity type to specialty grades (our top thermal sheets have *50w/mk) to meet your thermal demands. *based on our test method.

Industry-leading EMI Shielding Products

Polymatech has the right solution for your target shielding range needs. Our EMI shielding products are halogen free and environmentally friendly.

Waterproof and Complex molding Solutions

Protecting your Devices

Most electronic and portable devices are durable and weather resistant. Our designs minimize any unexpected damages that may occur. We aim to offer water-proof and complex Molding part solutions to not only protect your device, but to also reduce the size of your product. Contact Polymatech today with your current application challenge.

Vibration & Shock Control Solution

Protecting your Component

Today's electronics are smaller, thinner and lighter, leading to increasing vibration challenges for the product designer. Polymatech's vibration dampening materials meet your critical components and product functionality. Polymatech has a wide choice of material selection to be used as a damper.

Elastomeric Connector Solutions

Meeting your connector design challenge

With our unique molding process, electrodes can be formed. We specialize in creating a lower electric resistance and lower compression force, rather than a conventional type of rubber connector. It meets a wide range of assembly height design scenarios, has excellent damper characteristics, and is also waterproof. Additionally, we design this product sustainably and no soldering process is required to connect electrical components.

Input Device Solutions

Beautiful and Functional Devices

It is important to us that your products are designed with function and beauty in mind. Polymatech has over 30 years of experience in product design and high volume manufacturing. We provide the knowledge, innovation and resources to ensure your satisfaction. Contact Polymatech today with your current application challenge.

Wearable Solutions

Nice Touch Feeling Rubber Band

Demand of rubber material band increases while the wearable device of the watch and wristband type increase. It becomes the rubber / elastomer combination that attached great importance to the feel and reliability to touch the skin of the person. We perform the development support of the next-generation terminal/device in an insert technology and a compound molding technology.

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