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Environmental Policy

Our Principles

SEKISUI POLYMATECH strives to do our part when it comes to the environment. We recognize that the implications of climate change affect us all, so our commitment to environmental protection is rooted in a desire to preserve our world for the future. SEKISUI POLYMATECH aims to reduce our ecological footprint, while simultaneously developing our business activities that promote the conservation of our planet.

Environmental Policy

SEKISUI POLYMATECH’s technological and financial ventures aspire to give back to our planet and our community. To do our part for the environment, we have implemented a step-by-step process for our employees to follow in order to achieve our goals

  1. Utilize all resources carefully.
    Find energy efficient alternatives when it comes the production and sales of SEKISUI POLYMATECH’s products
  2. The Four R' s
  3. Set environmental objectives and goals.
    Conduct periodic reviews and promote continuous improvement on how to reduce our ecological footprint.
  4. Environmental Laws

Conflict Mineral Policy

We SEKISUI POLYMATECH will continue to promote our efforts to non use of "Conflict Minerals" in order to fulfill the social corporate responsibility in procurement activities. We are investigating the historical trail of minerals with material suppliers and also the processing subcontractors to carry out our supply chain operation of do not use the "Conflict Minerals".

Conflict Minerals supply chain investigation to Suppliers

Letter To Suppliers

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