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The CGW series is 2 humoral silicone heat radiation grease which can stiffen at room temperature. You can save time using filling facilities such as putting a heat radiation sheet by manual.

Delivery Format :Syringe,pails


  • The CGW series is two humoral silicone grease of the room temperature hardening type. Because it is two liquid characteristics of the no solvent type, it is excellent residence stability.

  • Because of greasey after mixed application, possible to ASSY without damaging case.
  • It stiffen after Assy, there is no worry to use under the high temperature environment and there is no pump out such as the heat radiation grease.
  • Thixotropy is high, and thickness Sheng is possible.
  • Excellent workability of viscosity and Pot Life.



Product Name CGW-2  CGW-3 CGW-3.6
Features  2parts type grease 2parts type grease 2parts type grease
High Thixotropy
Low Specific gravity
Low Volatile Siloxane
High Thixotropy
High Thermal Conductivity
Low Volatile Siloxane
High Thixotropy
High Thermal Conductivity
Low Volatile Siloxane
Polymer silicone silicone silicone
Mix ratio A:B / 1:1 A:B / 1:1 A:B / 1:1
Viscosity A part (Green) 240 Pa・S A part (Blue) 265 Pa・S A part
(Light Blue)
330 Pa・S
B part (White) 220 Pa・S B part (White) 245 Pa・S B part (White) 300 Pa・S
PotLife 25℃/2Hour 25℃/2Hour 25℃/2Hour
Cure time 25℃/24Hour 25℃/24Hour 25℃/24Hour
Thermal Conductivity
(ASTM D 5470)
2.0 W/m・K 3.0 W/m・K 3.6 W/m・K
Resistivity ≧1×1010Ω・cm ≧1×1010Ω・cm ≧1×1010Ω・cm
Breakdown Voltage ≧10 kV/mm ≧10 kV/mm ≧10 kV/mm
Specific Gravity 1.95 2.75 2.85
Hardness Shore00 50 Shore00 55 Shore00 40
JIS Type E 25 JIS Type E 30 JIS Type E 20
Flame Retardancy
(UL 94)
0.15mmt V-0 0.15mmt V-0 0.15mmt V-0
3.0mmt V-0 3.0mmt V-0 3.0mmt V-0
Operating Temperature -40 - 150℃ -40 - 150℃ -40 - 150℃
Siloxane Content
≦70ppm ≦70ppm ≦70ppm
preservation stability ≧6 months ≧6 months ≧6 months

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