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Silicone thermal conductive sheets feature high thermal conductivity with no loss of the outstanding heat resistance and electrical insulation properties of the base material, silicone, realized by contouring to heating elements utilizing the exibility and adhesion of the sheet. The low-molecular siloxane content that causes problems such as contact faults in electronic devices is no more than 70ppm, making it possible to use the product near contact points in devices such as switches.

Example of Usage


  General-purpose Types High-performance Types
Appearance -
Features - Single/Double Sided Adhesive Single/Double Sided Adhesive Double-sided Non-adhesive Double-sided Non-adhesive
Hardness JIS Type E 30 40 70 80
Specific Gravity - 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2
Volume Resistance Ω・cm ≧1×1010 ≧1×1010 ≧1×1010 ≧1×1010
Breakdown Voltage AC kV/mm ≧10 ≧10 ≧21 ≧15
Withstand Voltage AC kV/mm ≧10 ≧10 ≧21 ≧15
Thermal Conductivity*1 W/m・K 1.6 2.4 1.2 1.2
Operating Temperature Range -40 - 150 -40 - 150 -40 - 150 -40 - 150
Flame Retardance UL 94 V-0
PT-LS <1.0t = V-1
V-0 V-0 V-0
Thickness mm 0.5- 0.5- 0.2- 0.2-

        *1: ASTM D5470
        The HITS-Y specication is subject to change without notice. Numerical values shown in the above table are actual measured values,
        not product standard values.

Comparison of Thermal Resistance

Comparison of Thermal Resistance

Comparison of Compressibility

Comparison of Compressibility

Thermal resistance measurement conditions: 10mm x 10mm samples measured by a thermal resistance measuring device manufactured by Polymatech, Heater caloric value: 4W

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