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A Designed keypad with molded resin keytop assembled on rubber and base film.


  • Keytop can be flexible for easy to use
  • Keytop has many cosmetic options
      eg) Back printing of Keytop (solid color, metallic, mirror, colored mirror)
        Painted keytop (solid color, metallic, clear)
        Plated process keytop (resin is ABS)
        Vaporized processed keytop
        Mirror finish/Interference color/Printer printing
         Engraving transfer/Key pitch accuracy max 0.02mm
  • Base silicone rubber can have tactile feeling design
  • Cover film can be used instead of housing for thinner design
  • Key pitch is controlled max 0.1mm. Keytop thickness is min 0.4mm.
  • We can suggest many key button contexture.

Example of Structure

[Conventional Type] [Low Profile Type]

Product Specification

Environment- Resistant Characteristics
High Temperature 85℃×120H No appearance change and key peel off after the test
Low Temperature -20℃×120H
Temperature and Humidity 60℃,95%RH×120H
Temperature and Humidity Cycle -20℃←→60℃,95%RH×5Cycles (see the below diagram)

Abrasion- Resistant Characteristics (By Polymatech Abrasion Test Machine)

Plastic Eraser

Wear 1,000 times by 4.9N on a flat test piece No appearance change
after the test
Sand Eraser Wear 500 times by 4.9N on a flat test piece
Denim Wear 5,000 times by 4.9N on a flat test piece

Chemical- Resistant Characteristics (By Polymatech Abrasion Test Machine)


Wear keytop 50 cycles by 4.9N load with soaking
chemicals on gauze.
No appearance change
after the test
Glass Cleaner
Hand Cream
Artificial Fingerprint
Olive Oil

*Heat Cycle Test Condition

Right Resistance

Sunshine Weather Meter

63℃, No Rain x 200 hrs Change Into Yellow

*Please contact us for other reliability tests and results.

Development Flow

Upon receipt of your design information, we suggest the most optimized sheekeypad design and develop by following the development flow to achieve stable production. Contact Polymatech today for your complete application solutions.

Based on our design guide, we review design

Through project development phases, discover design and process
issues then solve them before getting into mass production stage.

We welcome your any comments to our products and design engineering.
If you have any comments on our products, requests on product customization and design inquiries, please contact